Saturday, 14 March 2015

weekend project: statement banner

It's really a few hours project but the series of my diy posts will be called as mentioned. It's really fun wall décor/ statement banner so popular on pinterest lately. But, I will be using paper instead of fabric, just because it's quicker. I love a good  banner, but what I don't like is the motivational sentences on it; be happy, dream big;it just annoys me. So I decided to make mines dedicated to my son's.

So. Starting of with a blank paper cut to size You want Your banner. Fold the edges and cut them off so they create a triangle. Leave few extra inches on the other side to fold it/wrap it around the branch. At this point I sketched the design I wanted to have and then using ruler and pencil (in my case it was a Dear Zoo book as a ruler) I outlined with pencil the design and draw over it with black sharpie.

Then I just wrapped the banner around my tree branch and secure it with clear tape. To hang it I tied  a red ribbon around both ends. Because it's made on paper I needed to add some weight by adding some wooden beads at the bottom, so the banner would keep it's shape. and Voilà! Foxy and owly banner above my son's beds. I love it!

The possibilities are endless. You could add some colours or glue some tassles... I went for a bold, graphical banner. Hope You're inspired to do Your own.

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