Thursday, 26 March 2015

weekend project: kitchen cupboards makeover

How to upgrade ugly kitchen cupboards from plain to funky. Here is how I did it.

When We moved into this house I knew I had to do something with the kitchen cupboards. Changing the knobs was the option but stupidly I ordered these lovely spoons/knifes/forks pulls from work without measuring the width of the previous ones. I could just returned them, but I decided to embrace this mistake by covering the second hole with self-adheside contact paper. The variety of these is huge, so I went for matt finish of this baby blue colour. The project is so simple I'm not even going to write step by step here, just leave You with the pictures.


  1. Firsty, I love those pulls - they look really awesome. This blue background made by you looks nice as well to me. However I admire your approach - I would probably be pissed off and send the pulls back, but you've been creaitve instead and it's awesome :D (sory for bad english).


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