Saturday, 3 January 2015


2014 was good. The beginning of the year brought the arrival of my second son Vincenty, also known as Vini, Viniol, Vitek, Vinyl. He is a darling. My other darling started school in September which was super hard for a non english speaking kid. He was a bit of an outsider at first plus settling in and the idea of being apart wasn't appearing to him. Now he loves it and starting to speak both languages. Win.

In 2014 I discovered Azaelia Banks. These days I'm not up to date with music but she will definitely make me dance. Music wise I also discovered FKA Twigs. Not entirely my cup of tea but I like the concept and it's a plesure to watch her dance moves. My other faves of 2014 include Frances Ha. I found a bit of myself in her and definitely a sectional view of our generation. I watched it like at least 3 times now. I also liked Portlandia, a late back, relaxing series about all the hipsterism and todays society told in Monty Python kind a way. Perfect for lonely evenings when kiddos are in bed.

In 2014 I started NEONbubu as a kids and adult clothing brand. It is still in an embryo stage as it's difficult to organise myself with the kiddos and so it's growing slowly but steady. I have lots of new ideas and starting drawing for summer collection. Really excited for 2015. I'm making plans for this year not only work related. I have some resolutions regarding mine and my family health and well being. Staying fit and healthy is our main goal. Vini will turn ONE in a few weeks time, then is my birthday. This spring/summer I want to start gardening and have few raised beds with vegetables on. I need/want to draw more and do more prints for the shop. Oh, by the way, this reminds me of a 2015 diary. If You haven't got yourself one yet, get Wor Diary 2015 with my ilustration for one week of December. 

Happy New YEAR! Here is to more dancing, more efficiency, more creativity, staying healthy and keeping fit. Remember kids, eat your vegetables or even grow them!

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