Monday, 11 January 2016


NEW Year and New challenges. NEW resolutions although I don't like to call them resolutions because You always feel bad when You fail Your resolution, right. Challenge is a much nicer and more motivating word.
 I wanted to come back to blogging a while ago but only now the time has come. My littlest is now nearly two (next week party-woohoo) and eldest 4,5 so well established in reception. I am hoping to find some time to blog, share my inspirations here and challenges that I want to achieve this year. I know I stopped making clothing. Apologies for this, but while I had lots of ideas, simply not the timescale to complete them. Thats why, You'll see I started selling prints. Check out my etsy shop as they're all at super low january price now. Eventually I want to start making clothing again, but that will not happen until I'll well establish my challenges. I'm an illustrator You see, so I love drawing most. I like the idea of transferring them from paper to different medias, but thats a really long-term goal. My challenge of this year is to  draw and make as many illustration as possible, all at best quality ofcourse. Powered up by 2016 already and inpired by nature like never before. Let the plant trend stay here for good. X

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