Friday, 18 June 2010

Barbie art night talk

I had a long night time conversation with an old friend from Poland, Aleksandra Śliwczyńska-Kupidura. She's a photographer and artist, and she is practising her art under the name of PornOla. ( PornOla ). It was really magic as we haven't spoke in years... She shared with me few inspirational www.

Most of all I loved the Barbie Art. This New York based artist, Margaux Lange makes jewelery out of barbie parts!!! It is amazing!! (Margaux Lange midges mind). I always loved the art of collage and combing body parts in different sense. I looked further and discovered barbie based photographic pastiche of famous paitings and photographs by artist Joceyne Grivaud. (Joceyne Grivaud)

It all reminded me of my childhood where I used to cut my barbie's hair and twisted their head, so they had no neck.

Our society is so diverse, we can swim in ideas and pop culture inspirations s s s. Milions of people living in our world, different societies that are inspiration for something new and creative. Although it might be common and obvious if You look from outside, the potential for innovative art is still myriad. Many ideas are constantly repeated without creating something new. For me, the ability to transform something into an innovative piece, that You haven't seen before, is what stands for ART.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


this is BUBU. The enjoyment of life and art. the passion for beauty. anthropology of culture then and now. Minimalism. Pop. Vibrant.
I am here... i am medium. I am for inspiration. to show. to take the skin off.
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