Sunday, 22 March 2015

Instead of words

Lucile Prache

footnote: You know i've started gardening but what I've not told You is that I want start painting with watercolours. Although my gardening skills are not as pro and my watercolour knowledge equals zero, I want try some new techniques and maybe later on try it on fabrics.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

weekend project: statement banner

It's really a few hours project but the series of my diy posts will be called as mentioned. It's really fun wall d├ęcor/ statement banner so popular on pinterest lately. But, I will be using paper instead of fabric, just because it's quicker. I love a good  banner, but what I don't like is the motivational sentences on it; be happy, dream big;it just annoys me. So I decided to make mines dedicated to my son's.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

i clean every day and my house is a mess

What's Your biggest issue as a housewife? I could probably name numerous tasks but the biggest that is always going out of control is the laundry.

                                  Sorry, the quality of that picture isn't great as I took it with my macbook.

I have to be organised to be on top of thing. Yet this happens. Orrrr the baby happens, meaning I put stuff in the wardrobe, 5 mins later they are out of the wardrobe. Sometimes I just think "Whats the point..?" and leave it on the floor until the kids are in bed. Sometimes I clean it straight away. The sleep really matters here and how many hours I managed to sleep without interruptions.

Sooo, I got myself a spirulina and let me tell You, this stuff is powerful! It's packed with lots of vitamins, iron, calcium and more; gives You natural kick and it's produced from algae. I felt worn out. I got 3 jobs (two of them that I love). I am a mother of two small children. With spirulina I started my smoothie detox. Basically one of my resolution was to be healthy, so with that I could eat lots and lots of vegetables and fruits per day and it feels great. Next step, I will purchase maca powder and some other goodies to keep up with my busy life.
Today I folded all the laundry, putted them in the wardrobe and cleaned the entire house. Did some gardening, went shopping, worked on illustration, went for a walk with Vini and picked up Antek from school. Then we had a bit of a drama, because Antek is picky with food, and now they are in bed so I can write this post.

This feels like an have all things from the list in head done by the end of the day. I deserve a pat on the shoulder. I did well! Good luck Good night!
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