Saturday, 18 October 2014


I could easily fall in love in that kind of autumn! I mean, I loved autumn, but since I've got two kids, and since one of them goes to school, and since germs spreads way too quickly, I kind of love it a bit less. Yeah, Antek catched some flu on his 2nd week of school, so we're all been felling worst these days. Everyone apart from me! I'm the head of this house nowadays, can't afford to be ill. September was super hectic because of that, october seems to be flying by too. 

The blanket season is just round the corner (or here already for some). I have made some plain colours and also some funky RGB (RedGreenBlue) blankets for babies. We only took shots of red and RGB on this occasion but different colours are available, just go to the SHOP or e-mail me at ALSO. I made this double sided mushroom jacket and scarf (see pictures). The jacket meant to be for school (royal blue) but I wanted it to be a bit funky, so mushroom side for the weekends! Both are not in the shop since I made especially for him and the scarf is a trial, but if You would like one alike e-mail me.

Hope You're having a nice weekend. We had a lazy saturday and planning to go to the cinema with the kiddos tomorrow.


  1. Tak to jest z tym przedszkolem i ta jesienia, ja tez juz wcale tak bardzo za nia nie przepadam :/

  2. świtetny krasnal Chałabała z Antosia

  3. Antoś słodko wygląda w czapie krasnala Chałabały,a Vinek cały w grzybkach-ślicznie

  4. jakie śliczne chłopaki :))

    1. grzybowe lesne ludki moje kochane :)


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