Friday, 19 April 2013

note to myself

Recently I had an idea for a video.
Knitting life.
Or life knitted. With own arms. In forest. By the river. Surrounded by the trees. Peace and quiet. Yarn. A nice soft and thick yarn. Red and blue, just like the vains in our bodies. Few bits and pieces attached to the yarn. Everyday objects, significant and emotionally attached to my life. Symbols for me, my family, my roots, my interests. Generalisation of human existence. Us humans as collectors of objects. Objects that got so personalised they become us and part of us, and to our vains. All of this is happening at a beautiful nature landscape. Does it just seem to be unnoticeable. We are all connected yet being too apart. We are after all part of the landscape, part of the nature. Yet the emotional attachment goes towards hectic-ness of possessing. We always seem to braid a plait of our lives, its never perfect, sometimes uneven, sometimes too short. We knit our existence but what will happen when the yarn will finish...?


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