Saturday, 7 January 2012

Greetings in 2012

So, we approached 2012. Is the New Year being good so far to You? I'm busy with new creative resolutions but started the Year pretty lazy with nursing my baby and starting on weaning. Plans for this year is to expand the slowly growing BUBUdesign and speed up that growth as well. I have started to work on childrens book. I don't want to say too much, but it will be whimsical, magical and filled with creatures. At the end, BUBU is mostly about creatures. Of course it's about graphic design, patterns, hair and molecules inspired illustration, and crafts but mostly about creatures. That's how it all started. From a single creature.
Another resolution is to create more. A thing every day. At the moment I'm finnishing (it's never-ending process but I need a break anyway...) decorating my flat and will give You a little tour once I'm done. Just waiting for the carboot sales to be re-started in FEBRUARY so I can go for a decor hunt... So the past months was creating the flat decor...
Moreover, reading is my another of main resolution. Got lots of books for Christmas and would like to start on them... Therefore I announce: TODAY is a reading DAY...

P.S. Update in the SHOP

have a lovely weekend

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