Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Smiley Face

Hello! Look at this smiley face... it's 24 week now... 
It feels like I'm hardly seeing my husband these days, we're usually clashing with our work shifts and never get to hang out like we used to did... It was nice to finish a bit earlier than expected and enjoy the evening together... We had a bit of fun with the bump, Matej drawn the smiley face but it was so spontaneous the pictures didn't came out well... due to our dirty mirror  :-P 

Also...I started another blog here about my pregnancy and little ant inside me... It's in Polish as I mostly thought of my family and friends back home, but I'm sure there is a translate option somewhere (sorry not so good in blogging) and there are pictures visit, follow and make comments :P


  1. O Agata! Cute! :) Didn't realise you had a blog :P

  2. what a great blog! if you get the chance i would love for you to check out my blog! i would love to see your opinions! :) PLUS - i just posted an adorably cute baby post ;), if you are in the mood to smile. lol.
    follow me? :)

  3. Thank You Rach! Will have a look on your blog too...


Thank You for all Your comments!

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