Monday, 20 September 2010


Creation. Something I've been trying to do. Wanting to do. A need for creativity...

We went for a visit. Me and Adriana Rojas Viquez (galactic gazelle). We have a vodka with aloe vera juice. With grape, I think, it was.We happen to be surrounded by objects. Little things. Bits and bobs own by Ben Jeans Houghton (ben jeans houghton). We do. We create. It's such a nice feeling. Both creating and aloe vera+vodka. Such a spontaneous visit. Spontaneous vodka and juice.  Spontaneous creativity. Sometimes the best way to do.

CREATION. Pretty or not it's yours. Made by your own hands. DIY style. Freestyle. Spontaneously. I made this two mini Monkey sculptures. First one is made with a use of a Christmas lights bulb and second is a headed monkey wall hanger.

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